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How can you benefit from electronic banks


How can you benefit from electronic banks
How can you benefit from electronic banks

In order to start benefiting from electronic banks, you should know all the services provided by banks via the Internet. Our world has become more developed and faster, which requires us to keep pace with this development and work at a high rate of speed to achieve the best results that can chart a distinguished future for our lives. After humans invented mobile phones and home appliances in addition to cars and other tools that contributed to facilitating lifestyles, banking services became in need of development to keep pace with technology, which led to the use of the Internet so that most banking services reach scientists as quickly as possible, and of course This development contributed to preventing direct dealing with bank branches or waiting for hours only in order to know your account balance.


Advantages of online banking and banking services

  • As we mentioned before, technological development has led to most countries of the world dealing remotely in financial and banking issues, which has led to great help for scientists and also a significant contribution to the growth of banks' capital.
  • The emergence of mobile applications for banks to facilitate several banking operations.
  • All customers can do a lot of banking services from their homes.
  • Providing services such as paying bills, paying all taxes, making cash transfers to sellers or suppliers, directing the account with deposits in retired accounts or dealing with your personal accounts.
  • You can also open a new account, make loan applications, create credit cards, and deposit a check.
  • Of course, the way to access banking services has become easier, whether through a computer, laptop or mobile phone. You only need to have a bank account, a password, and of course, an Internet service, and then you can manage your account from home or anywhere else easily.


Learn more about the advantages of using online banking services

We will explain the ability of banking applications to accomplish many tasks in record time, and these tasks are summarized as follows:

You can pay your bills

  • The bill payment feature is one of the most important features of online banking, because it simply saves you wasting a large part of your time in addition to the amount of fatigue and exhaustion that you may be exposed to. You only need to log in to the application and pay all your bills, and you can also set automatic payments, which automatically pay bills when they are due.

Possibility to transfer cash

  • Your business may require immediate cash transfers, in which case it is very easy and wonderful, as this can be done through the application instead of sending checks and making settlements.

Facilitate check deposit process

  • The traditional methods for depositing a check were to go to a bank branch and wait in a queue for up to several hours, but the matter is very different now, as it has become possible to deposit checks through the Internet in a few minutes, given that all banks and financial institutions now have their applications that can Through which all services work from the mobile phone. There is also a customer service working around the clock in case of any errors.

Here are the disadvantages of online banking

  • Despite the improvement of banking services on the Internet, there are some problems that encounter business owners who want to connect continuously and quickly to their services. These problems are as follows:


Internet technology instability

  • It is known that banking and banking services depend a great deal on the strength of the Internet connection, and service interruptions may occur due to electricity malfunctions or some problems in the banks’ servers, which may lead to being affected and unable to connect to banking services, and of course it will cause a big holiday.


Disruption of the relationship between the customer and the bank

Sometimes you need a link between you and the bank you deal with, in order to benefit from advantages such as commercial loans and others. Your permanent presence and personal relationship with those in charge of the bank greatly facilitates the procedures for these loans, because you will be a trusted person with them.

Creating a personal relationship wherever you go has an impact on all levels. In return for creating a distinguished personal relationship with your bank, you can create a business account with all the features that you may need in your work, and you can avoid suspending your money in the event of payments or checks External or international cash deposits, which greatly contribute to supporting your business.

Privacy and security issues

All financial institutions pay a great deal of attention to the security process, and of course all financial institutions have a good amount of security, but no system in the world is without flaws, so you should follow the following to increase the security of your accounts:

  • You must use the mobile application of the bank (making sure that it is the real application).
  • You can use the official website of the bank making sure that the lock sign (security or encryption) is located at the top left or right of the search bar.
  • The password must be strong and complex (i.e. contain numbers + symbols + letters), with the password changed periodically.
  • Do not click on any links sent to you from your email or mobile phone (unless you agree to this with the bank).
  • Use two-step authentication for added security.


Finally, limited services are among the online banking services

Although a lot of online banking services are provided, there are some services that are not available and you should go to the bank to work, for services that require signing documents when requesting a loan or credit, in addition to withdrawing large amounts of cash as well as deposits, but these may vary matters in the future, by activating the electronic signature.

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